David Hoos on 13 Feb. 2017

By Jon MacDonald | 7 minute read

Make the effort to invest in your 404 pages, and you’ll turn a user experience challenge into a page that contributes to your growth.

It’s annoying when you land on a 404 page, isn’t it? Since you were looking for something specific, you expected to find it, now what?

Your visitors feel the same way. People land on several million 404 pages every year, and in most cases that traffic is lost because the visitor just goes back to the search engine to try another result.

There is no formal estimate for the amount of lost sales and opportunities caused by landing on 404 pages – though I am sure we can agree that it would be extremely large.

But, this isn’t all bad news, because 404 pages represent opportunities. When someone lands on your 404 page you have their attention. How you use that attention is directly related to how successful your site is in converting visitors.Screen Shot 2016 12 09 at 5.09.38 PM