Personalization A/B Testing Surveys

David Hoos on 20 Apr. 2017

By Jon MacDonald
30 minute read | Last updated: April 18, 2017

Like physical desire paths in city planning, digital desire paths help you see what your customers want, and simplify their pathway to get there.

Does it bother you when you’re out for a walk and notice paths worn across the grass where meandering feet made their own trail?

Do you avoid those unauthorized shortcuts and stick to the main route, or are you one of those who helps create a new route?

Those crowd-created shortcuts, called “desire paths” by urban planners, hold a crucial lesson for digital marketing managers and ecommerce managers.

As it is with foot traffic, some online visitors are observant and content to follow the path you’ve set forth. Your job is to make the signs they follow easy to see and understand.