A/B Testing

Rory Gallagher on 04 May. 2017

It's one of the oldest debates in web design and digital marketing: which color should you use for call to action buttons?

Plenty of people will tell you that red is the best color because it conveys urgency and evokes excitement, or that green works best because "green means go". Meanwhile, Unbounce suggests that a BOB (big orange button) is ideal because orange "represents energy, enthusiasm, and a ‘get-it-done’ attitude."

So why is this still a debate? The problem is that the data doesn't support the premise that any particular button color is inherently the best option. Hubspot published a popular case study that showed how a red button outperformed a green one in an A/B test. But the folks at Sentient have seen orange, pink, bright green, and even white outperform red. Chris Goward of WiderFunnel says that orange buttons have often proved winners in their A/B tests.

With all of this conflicting data, it's no wonder Peep Laja and the folks at ConversionXL claim that color makes little difference on its own, and that a color's impact depends on how it affects the visual hierarchy of the page, and that the most effective button is one that "stands out".

So what does it really mean for a button to stand out.

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