sayed shahnur on 08 Sep. 2017

Kate Kendall, the founder and CEO of CloudPeeps, a freelance platform and community that matches indie professionals with remote jobs, said she receives LinkedIn In mails from people who don’t even know what she does.

Imagine receiving emails from people offering to sell you the same services you offer.

When you spam people, you lose the opportunity to sell to them forever.

Chris Spurvey used LinkedIn to land large, multi-year contracts and built a company that got acquired by KPMG Canada.

Neil Patel recently shared on his podcast how LinkedIn generated $38,491 for his business in a single month. That’s not too bad when you consider that Facebook brought him $42,544 the same month and he has over 900,000 Facebook fans.

When you use the right strategies, LinkedIn can become your best source of valuable business leads.