Personalization A/B Testing

David Hoos on 12 Dec. 2017

By David Hoos
8 minute read | Last Updated: November 3, 2017

There are many ways to begin increasing your sales without resorting to discounting. Start with these seven tactics.

Ask any group of marketers how to increase ecommerce sales fast, and the first suggestion you’ll hear is “hold a sale.”

Shoppers love sales. Any reason you can come up with to hold one – be it Black Friday, Memorial Day, or your ecommerce birthday – is sure to boost revenue.

There’s just one problem with the idea. “On Sale” means a discounted price, and a discounted price means less profit. Yes, a properly orchestrated sales strategy can make up for the slimmer margin by pumping up the volume … but what if you could increase ecommerce sales without discounting prices?

Would that be something of interest to you?