Personalization A/B Testing

David Hoos on 03 Jan. 2018

By Jon MacDonald
12 minute read | Last Updated: December 22, 2017

You can convert more visitors by understanding these 7 types of customers and how each of them typically engages online.

Are you getting way more traffic than sales on your ecommerce website? Have you tried everything you can think of, trying to reach more of the market you know is there, but you still can’t get more conversions?

I know exactly what you’re going through. At The Good, we work with digital marketing managers every day, helping them come up with ways to boost that metric that can make or break any online business: conversion rate.

Many times, we find one or more of these three conditions exist on the sites we evaluate:

I can show you how to get out of that rut and begin making more sales – without having to completely rebuild your business to do it.